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By KJM on Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bleacher Expansion

Clark, Addison, Waveland and Sheffield

Harry Caray statue

Harry Caray standing watch over Wrigley as he is eternally memorialized in stone.

A One...

A One...A Two...A Three...


The box office stands lonely and forlorn.


The concourse is gated and filled with construction materials.

The vendors are trying to take advantage of good weather and unload the last of their wares before the weather turns for good.

The good weather and the Cubs unfortunate lack of participation in the playoffs, allows the bleacher expansion contractor to get a jump on the project and they are wasting no time. A large portion of the demolition work is completed and there were crews working this Saturday morning. The stadium seems abandoned, with the demolition and the lack of crowds. No flags or banners and the no tresspassing signs signal the Freindly Confines will be welcoming no visitors until next spring. An interesting observation was Wrigley Field empty with a backdrop of all the local Wrigleyville bars advertising the White Sox game tonight. Commericalism at its best/worst.

Turner Contruction sets up shop to ovesee the bleacher expansion.
Posted Saturday, October 15, 2005 by KJM


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